For an athlete by an athlete: Making athletes stronger


Las Vegas, Nevada Andre Agassi knocks on the office door of Gil Reyes, head strength and conditioning coach at UNLV, looking for a temporary fitness coach to supervise workouts while his permanent coach was on a leave of absence. Fully engaged in the Runnin’ Rebels 1990 championship season Gil agrees to “help” Andre, grant him access to the gym during less peak hours.

Within the first few months Gil’s respect for Andre’s athleticism, fight and dedication to training grow. So much so Gil decides he must get honest with Andre about his weight lifting program. A trust and friendship are born (unofficially). Whenever Andre would return to Las Vegas from his tennis travels, he would come to UNLV and work out with Gil.

As Gil learned more about Andre & tennis, he offered more assistance and guidance to Andre’s preparation. That year (1990), the UNLV men’s basketball team finished their season as National Division 1 Champions with a decisive victory over Duke University. That year Gil Reyes also embraced Andre’s dreams and goals as his own. Gil resigned shortly after the basketball season. Officially “It was on.” The day Gil resigned Andre was out front in the car waiting for him.



First official workout S.F. Indoor Tennis Tournament, win first tournament with Gil. Bench 225. Paris-comeback to beat Jim Courier with new  fifth set legs and a new gear on endurance.


Wimbledon Slam #1


US Open Slam #2


Australian Open Slam #3


Olympic Gold Atlanta


French Open Slam #4 US Open Slam #5


Australian Open Slam #6


Australian Open Slam #7


Australian Open Slam #8


US Open Last Slam Epic 2nd Round Victory over Marcos Baghdatis. “In life there are some battles that aren’t worth fighting even if you win. But then again, there are some battles that are worth fighting even if you loose.”


Andre Agassi enters International Tennis Hall of Fame.


BILT by Agassi & Reyes launches at IRSHA.
First product launch.


FIBO Innovation Award.
Agassi Performance Center opens.

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