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At Body Control, our member base ranges from beginners to elite athletes and if there is one thing that gets the undivided attention of them all, it’s our wide array of BILT by Agassi and Reyes products. Adding 5 pieces from this award winning line of equipment to our new-concept fitness facility is one of the best decisions we’ve made to date. If you are looking to engage all walk-ins and members with an attention-grabbing “wow” factor, then adding BILT by Agassi and Reyes equipment is a no brainer. I am definitely thrilled to be able to showcase the amazing fitness engineering that is BILT by Agassi and Reyes!

Davor Fetahovic

Body Control

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We are very excited about the launch of this truly state-of-the-art gym at Chigwell.The installation showcases significant advances in design and the most comprehensive range of market-leading equipment , supported by technology that recognizes our members are leading increasingly connected lives.

We want to make going to the gym an enjoyable, motivating,inspirational and non-intimidating experience in every possible way. Our new gyms have been created to make members feel part of the community, to cater for everyone – whatever their preferred choice of workout, age or ability – and to provide an unrivaled range of best-in-class equipment to help them achieve their goals.

This investment in BILT by Agassi and Reyes helps members get the most out of their membership and gives them the best possible experience every time they visit their club.

   Scott Lloyd

Chief Executive
David Lloyd Leisure

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It is great to finally see a strength company step up their game and get out of the box. For us, at Rockwell Training Facility, we train world-class Extreme Athletes (Supercross, Motocross, Freestyle, Wakeboarding, and Skate). Our athletes must break-through typical fitness barriers and the BILT by Agassi & Reyes equipment allows them to do so. After a few months of using the Quad, COD, PowerStride, and Hip Flexors, one of our young riders, Justin Hill, won his first Supercross event.

Johnny Louch

Rockwell Training Facility

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BILT by Agassi and Reyes equipment series,especially the C.O.D. has provided the Fitness Source with a platform to support overall performance.From the experienced athlete to a weekend warrior ,BILT by Agassi and Reyes is by far the gateway of innovation and design for the fitness industry.

   Michael Ibasco

Fitness Source


The COD from BILT by Agassi & Reyes, is an amazing tool our entire department had embraced. Because of its simplicity of use and athletic applications it has become a cornerstone to our training program. The way it has sparked interaction between our members and trainers has truly made it a ‘tripwire’ into personal training. Every gym needs this.

Kusha Karvandi

General Manager
Fit Athletic Club


With over 120 trainers in my club, we service clients with training needs of every possible type and style. The BILT COD by Agassi & Reyes is by far the most versatile, functional, and effective piece of equipment I have at City Athletic Club. It has been used by everyone from novices to world champions with amazing results. My members include 2 Mr. Olympias, Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle, and being in Las Vegas have professional athletes visit from all over the world – it is always a conversation piece and part of the high level experience I strive to deliver.

Jea Jung

Founder & CEO
City Athletic


A champion continues to look for the things that will make them great, look no further BILT by Agassi & Reyes is ready to help you win.

Dan O’Brien

Olympic Gold Medalist

brad gilbert

You go train with Gil, you got the best trainer in the world, everything will be fine.

Brad Gilbert

Andre Agassi’s Former Tennis Coach


We just recently bought the C.O.D. for our center and it is the most diverse piece of equipment we have! It is functional for our entire membership. We have senior to teens and beginners to elite athletes using it! The diversity of the C.O.D. changes the workout every time! We also use it in some of our circuit classes.

J. Morgan

Fitness and Aquatics Director
Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston

Rehab Solutions

If you are in the rehabilitation profession and looking for a progressive resistive machine that offers the ability to be dynamic, then look no further than the C.O.D. by BILT by Agassi and Reyes. For my sister an I with a combined fifty years of Sports Medicine Physical Therapy experience, the C.O.D. machine offers the combination of strengthening with movement not seen in other progressive resistive machines. So, whether we are rehabilitating a knee reconstruction injury to get back on the court or conditioning an athlete for the field of play, the Change of Directions machine by BILT by Agassi and Reyes gets us to that last phase of rehabilitation treatment results that we are looking for.

   Chad & Renee Willis

Rehab Solutions

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